Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life


There’s this roadrunner who has lived on our farm, who has been there for as long as I can remember. In theory, a roadrunner only has a life span of 7-8 years, but I liked to think that this was the same bird, year after year. He showed up when my grandfather was first paralyzed, and I can remember him loving that stupid bird. He would sit and look out the window daily to see what it was up to.

Years later, my family moved out to that farm. I spent a summer on the back porch painting – early in the mornings to avoid the summer heat – and there was a roadrunner who would always show up on the steps and every morning he would get a little closer until finally he was sitting a few feet away, watching me paint every morning.

Then the peacock showed up and the two started with their completely inappropriate flirting. I looked forward to the offspring of that. I had a great website planned out: http://www.roadcock.com. Figured I’d pull in a lot of unexpected traffic with a name like that.

I learned that roadrunners were carnivorous when this here bird developed a curious habit. Whenever he caught a meal, he had to run around the house, pecking at the windows until someone noticed him. He couldn’t eat until the food had been sufficiently shown off. He particularly preferred the dining room window.

More images at www.nowellsphotography.com

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