Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Getting back into the swing of things here with a new weekly photo challenge.


This is a man I met on the railroad tracks that run through Flagstaff, AZ – Gary from Michigan. No last name. And he had no interest in sharing his last name either. Whether he was running away from something or not, it didn’t matter, the point was that he was always moving forward. He’d gotten on the railroad tracks and had been following them the whole time. When I inquired as to where he was headed, he shrugged, “I don’t really know I… California I suppose. That’s where the tracks will end, probably.”

Now, it may not be good on your complexion, but what a way to live. Forget about planning, just hop on the tracks and keep going forward. Who knows where you’ll end up, but you’ll end up somewhere and hopefully it will have a beach.

All Rights Reserved, 2013. Photography by Noelle Wells

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